Travelling by Train

Travelling by Train

train travel

Hello readers, Fran here again. When I started doing this travel blog I really hated the idea of it and was only keeping it up so that my wife would cook me my special dinner. But after last week seeing everyones support for my Cuban food post I am starting to like it.

I thought I might spread out a little and talk about traveling itself this week, instead of just the food I eat travelling. Me and Agnes live in the United Kingdom, so we do get to travel around Europe quite often and that usually requires a lot of trains. We actually met over 40 years ago on the Eurotrain, but that is neither here not there. Trains may not have a smoking room anymore and the attendants are a lot more rude, but I still find it to be a fine way to travel.

There are two types of train traveling really; long distance and short distance. Short distance is trips that are less than six hours, and long distance is obviously more than six hours. For a short distance journey I have no problem getting just a seat with a table preferably but for long distance I need somewhere to lay. I am an old man and my knees get sore when they are bent for too long, and I like my privacy at night!

The best thing about traveling on a train is the food and alcohol. If you spend enough on your ticket, food and booze can even be included sometimes. If not, it will be at a fair price and usually of high quality, way higher than that stuff they serve on the airplanes.

We have another train journey next week, and I got a berth that comes with a whiskey service! I am excited about that ( and not much else about this trip). I will speak to you all after that, take care until then.

cuban food

Cuban Food

Hello everyone, Fran here again and this is what I am being told is called my travel blog. Last month me and my wife ( Agnes) went on a 2 week trip to Cuba, and stayed at an all inclusive resort outside Havana. My wife loved the trip, although she rarely left the resort. I can’t really blame her though; unlimited booze and food, grilled sandwiches down by the beach and roasted whole animals inside for dinner. But just outside the resort was the lively hustle and bustle of Havana life, with the sight and smells that make it famous.


I strolled away from the resort one day, and right opposite us I found an old lady sitting on a stool with a flaming barrel in front of here and a pile of plantains at her side. I bought a bag full of these dried, baked plantains and they tasted like a sweet potato chip.


A legendary snack that you will find in close proximity to any bar is the chorizo slider. According to local history, workers at a local sausage factory would take a small bit of meat and fry it up to taste and make sure the flavour was right. Now this tasty little burger is a staple, and something I am missing dearly.

Cuban food

Any trip to Cuba is not complete without a classic Cuban Sandwich. For this, the sandwich needs to have the basic five ingredients ( ham, mustard, swiss, roasted pork and pickles).  You then squash them all in between two slices of cuban bread. The best way to have one of these is grilled, and pressed down; either with some sort of sandwich press or a hamburger press.


If you go to Cuba, try these foods out. If you don’t go to Cuba, then order these foods from the cheapest Cuban restaurant in your neighborhood. Thanks everyone, I now get my steak and potatoes.


About me

Eh? What? Oh, hello. My name is Fran, and this is my travel blog-a-ma-thingy. I am not really a fan of travelling, but my wife loves is. She actually has her own travel blog, but made me create one to share my favourite parts of our trips. So I can’t say for sure if there will ever be anything on here other than pictures of us walking into the house with our suitcases.

There is actually one thing I like about travelling and you cannot, I repeat cannot tell my wife about it. I absolutely love ethnic food. No matter where we are I always pretend to get in a huff and then walk it off, but instead I go and find some tasty food cooked by someone in a tiny kitchen for less than the cost of a beer at the hotel.

So come back to read my first post next week. Or don’t I really couldn’t care less. All I know is that I will be posting something on here so that my wife will make my favourite home cooked meal, scalloped potatoes and a porterhouse steak, smothered in a white wine blue cheese sauce. And with that, I have written enough words and she has fired up the stove. Have a good day. Or not.